One Hundred Years of Housing Security in China

Zhang Qingyong

School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China

Abstract: This paper discusses the evolution of housing security in China in the past one hundred years. The author finds that there was a serious housing shortage during the Republic of China period (1912-1949), and the effect of the housing security measures introduced by the government was very limited. While the welfare housing distribution system at the beginning of the People’s Republic of China founded in 1949 provided residents with basic housing, it also caused housing problems. After the Reform and Opening-Up, a series of far-reaching security measures were put forward in housing reform, but they failed to eliminate the system of physical housing distribution. Progress of housing security development since the large-scale housing reform in 1998 has been slow. It was not until the government increased investment in 2007 that the housing security system was gradually formed and housing security efforts were paid off to a certain extent. This paper provides a historical perspective to the study of housing security. It can aid in understanding the evolution process of the housing security in China and establishing a set of comprehensive and long-term housing policies.


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