Measuring China’s Interest Rate Liberalization Compared with Developed Countries

Liu Jinshan 1 and He Wei 2

1,  2School of Economics, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

Abstract: Financial repression does not suit the needs of economic and financial development in the long run, and interest rate liberalization is a natural choice for the development of China’s financial markets. Based on a comparative analysis of interest rate liberalization processes between some developed countries and China and value assignment to key milestones in interest rate markets, the authors have measured the level of China’s interest rate liberalization to be 80.64%, i.e., a complete liberalization has been initially achieved in China with the notable exception of the deposit interest rate market. Deposit interest rate liberalization is poised to be the last step in China’s interest rate liberalization process.

Keywords: interest rate liberalization, financial repression, financial reform


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