A Historical Overview of China’s Upgrading of Its Industrial Structure

Wang Haibo
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Beijing, China
Abstract: This paper investigates the history of upgrade of industrial structure in human society from a combined perspective of economic and philosophical history encompassing  primitive society, ancient society and recent and modern society. As far as recent andmodern society is concerned, this paper divides the upgrade into two basic aspects: theshifting dominant position of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and that of laborintensive, capital-intensive and knowledge-intensive industries. Moreover, this paper has examined the history of upgrade of industrial structure in China since 1949 and identified that the upgrade of China’s industrial structure demonstrates not only the characteristicsof middle and late stages of industrialization but characteristics of modernization as well.According to the general pattern of upgrade of industrial structure in recent and modernsociety and China’s reality, great efforts must be made to improve China’s indigenous innovation capacity, expedite agriculture modernization, increase competitiveness andqualitative development of manufacturing sector, and vigorously promote service sector(especially producers services), environmental protection industry, culture industry andmaritime industry.
Keywords: upgrade of industrial structure; combined perspective of economic and philosophical history; upgrade of industrial structure in primitive, ancient, recent andmodern society; upgrade of industrial structure in China since 1949



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