Economic Competitiveness of China and the US: Comparison, Dynamic Change and Global Position

Ni Pengfei and Wang Haibo
National Academy of Economic Strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Abstract: Research of competitiveness of China and the United States is of great significance to enhancing Chinas economic competitiveness and achieving the objective of national rejuvenation. By creating a competitiveness framework and a system of heterogeneous indicators, this paper investigates the competitiveness of China and the US in terms of current status, historic change and global environment. Our research led to the following findings: core factors determine the level of competitiveness for China and the US; the national competitiveness of both countries is evolving towards structural homogeneity; and China and the US lead most countries in many common areas. China has the potential to overtake the US in competitiveness in the foture. We suggest that China increase its competitiveness by promoting its advantages, addressing its weaknesses and focusing on core areas.

Keywords: national competitiveness, comparison between China and the US, factor heterogeneity
JEL classification: N90; 051; 053
DOl: 10.19602/j.chinaeconomist.2017.04.01

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