Seven Decades of China’s Agricultural Development: Achievements, Experience and Outlook

Over the past seven decades since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, China’s agriculture has been transformed beyond recognition. Tremendous progress has been made in China’s agricultural output. China has made all-round achievements in its agriculture, forestry, livestock and fishery sectors, vastly improved agricultural production conditions, fostered new types of agricultural operators, increased opening-up, and delivered better living conditions for rural residents. China’s agricultural development experience over the past seven decades can be summarized as follows: the Party’s leadership over the work on agriculture, farmers and countryside, policy support and protection for agriculture, agri-technology innovation, and agricultural product market reform. In the new era, China’s agriculture must follow a green and quality-oriented approach, and develop multifunctionality. China should foster new-type agricultural operators and service entities, promote large-scale agriculture, encourage capital inputs in agriculture, integrate primary, secondary and tertiary agricultural industries, and bring about a new patter of agricultural opening-up.

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