High-Quality Economic Developmentfor Building a Modern Socialist Countryin All Respects

Zhang Hui*, Wu Shang, and Wang Yihang

School of Economics, Peking University

Abstract: Socialist modernization has been a consistent goal of the Communist Partyof China (CPC). The success of socialist modernization is based on economic progress.In the face of changing primary social contradiction and constraints on economic growth,the Chinese economy will pursue a path of high-quality development long into the future,prioritizing qualitative improvement with a reasonable growth rate. Under the leadershipof the CPC Central Committee, we have made exceptional progress in creating a socialistmarket economy and a modern industrial system, advancing rural vitalization, coordinatingregional development and opening more broadly and at a higher level. Faced with neweconomic development expectations, opportunities, and challenges, we must deepen andaccelerate development on the above fronts, eliminate development bottlenecks, andformulate new strategies to seek new breakthroughs. Achieving high-quality economicdevelopment will create the material and technological conditions for constructing amodern socialist country in all respects.

Keywords: Socialist modernization, Chinese modernization, high-quality development,

JEL Classification Code: E61, O21, P21

DOI: 10.19602/j.chinaeconomist.2023.03.04

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