Evolution and Empowerment of China’sChain Chief System toward Green andLow-Carbon Agricultural Value Chains

Wu Zhenlei1,2, Yao Xue3, and Gao Yang4,1*

1 Research Center of Western China Economic Development, Northwest University, Xi’an, China

2 College of Economics and Management, Northwest University

3 School of Economics and Management, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, China

4 College of Economic, Qufu Normal University, Shandong, China

Abstract: The chain chief system, an innovation in industrial institutions led by localgovernments, is a cornerstone in the transition of agricultural value chains from “efficiencyfirst” to “equal emphasis on efficiency, security, and green and low-carbon development”.In this paper, we review the origin of the chain chief system and its growing emphasis on theimportance of capable chain chiefs. We identify the origin, implications and characteristicsof green and low-carbon agricultural value chains and reveal the background of thosechains. Green and low-carbon agricultural value chains should achieve “vigorous externalcompetition, coordination between value chain stakeholders, increasing resilience, andvalue addition from an agribusiness ecosystem”. Based on this goal, we identify gaps inthe competitiveness, coordination, resilience and value addition of green and low-carbonagricultural value chains. Focusing on the importance of capable chain chiefs, we suggestways for the chain chief system to assist the innovation chain, the capital chain, thestandardization chain, the information chain, and the value chain of green and low-carbonagriculture.

Keywords: Chain chief system, green and low-carbon agricultural value chains, capable

JEL Classification Code: O38, Q18

DOI: 10.19602/j.chinaeconomist.2023.11.05

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