Industrial Integration: EmpoweringHigh-Quality Manufacturing in the Eraof the Digital Economy

Yang Huixin1, and Jiao Yong2*

1 School of Management, Shandong University, Jinan, China

2 College of Economics and Management, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao, China

Abstract: This paper investigates China’s industrial integration in the era of the digitaleconomy, evaluates its manifestations, identifies barriers to and opportunities for developinghigh-quality manufacturing through industrial integration, and suggests policy measures.In the era of the digital economy, data is the most vital resource in industrial integration.Platform companies operate in a dynamic business ecosystem that emphasizes usercentricityand uses innovation as its main engine to drive industrial integration. Industrialintegration facilitates the shift from comparative and latecomer advantages to competitivestrength, accelerating demand-side upgrades and supply-side structural reforms for theexpansion of high-quality manufacturing. Industrial integration is expected to supportthe development of high-quality manufacturing in five distinct ways: Through integrateddevelopment between modern services and advanced manufacturing; through industrialchain integration; through integration of the digital and real economies; through integrationof primary, secondary, and tertiary industries; and through urban-rural, industry-city, andregional integration.

Keywords: Industrial integration, manufacturing, digital economy, high-quality

JEL Classification Code: L16, L80, E61

DOI: 10.19602/j.chinaeconomist.2023.11.03

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