Regional Economic Development in China- Situation, Problems and Policy Recommendations

Gao Guoli, Huang ZhengXue  and Shen Bing
Institute of Spatial Planning and Regional Economy, National Development and Reform Commission, Beijing, China

Abstract: The growth of regional economy in China was stable with a slight decline in2013. Growths in major economic indicators, namely the industrial added value, the totalfixed asset investment, the total retail sales of consumer goods, and the total volume ofimport and export trade differ across the eastern, central, western and northeastern regions,but the overall difference is small. The regional economic development still faces certainproblems, such as unbalanced development among regions, insufficient implementationof development planning, lack of in-depth regional cooperation, irrational competition ofdevelopment of new zones, and uncoordinated policies on ecological progress from differentgovernment authorities. This paper suggests that China should formulate zoning policiesand supporting measures to accelerate the development of key economic belts, promote newurbanization, transform the old industrial bases, strengthen joint prevention of regionalenvironmental pollution and promote the opening up of the inland areas to the westernregions.
Keywords: regional economy, regional planning, new urbanization, promotion ofecological progress


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